Gully Boy Movie Review Hit or Flop

Gully Boy Movie Review

Story of Movie Gully Boy: Murad (Ranveer Singh) must fight his poverty and social disadvantage to realize his dream of becoming a rapper. His friends and family are mobilizing to help an ordinary boy become an extraordinary rapper.

Cast Of Movie

  • Ranveer Singh
  • Alia Bhatt
  • Kalki Koechlin
  • Vijay Raaz
  • Siddhant Chaturvedi
  • Vijay Varma
  • Sheeba Chaddha

Gully Boy Review Hit or Flop

In the film, MC Sher character (Siddhant Chaturvedi) says: “Agar Duniya Mein sab comfortable host to rap Kaun karta?” “Gully Boy” by director Zoya Akhtar is the definitive look on the rap scene in India.

It tells the story of an ordinary boy, Murad, from Dharavi, who dreams big and refuses to let adversity crush his mind.

His lullaby journey par excellence to that of an ambitious rapper named Gully Boy is, to say the least, exhilarating and exciting.

Rap is a kind of unconventional music in India, but even those who do not necessarily associate with this form of music will be able to appreciate the story of outsider and heart.

Public Review on Gully Boy Movie

The story begins in a matchbox-sized hall in Dharavi, where Murad dreams of a better life.

He loves the brave Safeena (Alia Bhatt), as much as he loves to put his emotions and frustrations on paper.

His life takes a dramatic turn when he someday sees MC Sher, aka Shrikant, shame some college kids after booing a girl behind the scenes.

Gully Boy Review Hit

Shrikant takes Murad under his wing and together they form a team of rappers animated by passion and spirit.

This is the classic story of the outsiders, Murad’s poverty proving that he has very little chance of succeeding and that he is not allowed to have big dreams either.

In addition, his orthodox father Aftab (Vijay Raaz) brings the conflictual relationship par excellence.

Although some parts of the film are predictable, what sets ‘Gully Boy’ apart is emotional intelligence. Murad’s trip has fantastic moments that attract you and keep you hooked.

The stellar dialogues of Vijay Maurya add depth to the story. The story and scenario of Reema Kagti and Zoya have high scores, have flair and finesse with nice touch-ups.

It’s just the kind that raises the story’s tempo a notch higher.

Gully Boy Review Flop or Hit

However, the film’s engine is the performance of Ranveer Singh. He was born to play this role and the way he raps his soul in the film makes it a killer set.

He breathes life, despair, euphoria, and conviction into his role. A replica in the film where MC Sher tells Murad that “Tere Andar Toofan hai” is listening.

At each new performance, the actor brings a tsunami of surprises. Alia Bhatt is also brilliant, in a smaller role, but deeply impactful.

The actress brings effortless ease into the fiery eccentricities of her character. The chemistry between Ranveer and Alia is also cute, kind and ardent. Siddhant Chaturvedi, in his first film, deserves a touch of honor.

He is easily one of the easiest actors of showbiz. Vijay Varma, Kalki Koechlin, and Vijay Raaz are also excellent in their respective roles.

Gully Boy Movie Reviews

The music of the film is also killing. The film is inspired by the lives of rappers Naezy and Divine, and these Indian artists, as well as their many contemporaries, recorded a great soundtrack for the film.

There is a reason why the film seems legitimate and that is because real rap artists have worked on this film.

The treatment and visual finesse of the film go hand in hand with everything you’ve seen in Hollywood or anywhere else in the world.

Gully Boy | Official Trailer

The rap battles presented in the film are fascinating and constitute an inspired writing.

The problem with the film is its length, which can be up to two and a half hours, but its emotional skill and dialogues that are worth applause add the necessary enthusiasm and keep you fully engaged.

It’s a film that deserves an encore. And in the purest rap style, say … yeh, Gully Boy hard hai bhai!

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